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Alder Stream canvas makes canvas canoe packs for long and short trips or packs for hiking and casual trips. Packs are available in different materials.

Standard color and material choices:

  • Sturdy 15 ounce canvas in olive drab green, navy, dark brown
  • Heavy 18 ounce canvas in olive drab green, khaki, navy blue and dark brown.

Please ask about color choices and other materials, many times other materials are available.


Left: Minnesota Special , nylon straps and closure, canvas straps. Middle: Expedition Pack, leather options. Right: Minnesota special, leather straps, tumpline, extra side pockets. All shown in green canvas.  Our quality heavy canvas has some resistance to water, but a pack liner is recommended for extended outdoor use.


Standard Features on all Packs Include:

  • Reinforced stitching at all stress points
  • Leather reinforcement on shoulder straps and all high stress areas 
  • Brass grommets and drawstring closures
  • Inside seams finished with nylon trim
  • Closed cell foam padding for back of pack (except Traveler Pack)
  • Carrying handle
Leather and canvas straps on all deluxe models. Shown above is back of pack Allagash pack with deluxe options Leather strap and roller buckles on all deluxe model packs

Extra Features Available Include: (add to base price of pack)

  • Tumpline $45
  • Axe pocket $30 (only on Allagash, Minnesota and North Woods packs)
  • Flat inside zip pocket $15
  • Two side pockets $35 (if not standard on pack)
  • Front pocket $20 (if not standard on pack)
  • Waist belt $40 Handy slip on padded waist belt. Removable with quick release adjustable buckle.
  • Tie on spots for lashing on top flap or bottom of pack $10
  • Sternum strap $25


Liner Bags
Size Dimensions Price Fits In
XS 22"x18" $20  
S 26"x22" $22 Day Pack and Expedition Pack
M 34"x24" $24 Allagash Pack
L 40"x28" $25 Minnesota Pack and North Woods Pack


Tying a pack liner with a simple tie closure, This pack liner is sitting inside an Allagash pack. Shown above is the drawstring closure standard on all packs. The closure is held in place with a cord lock.
Made of a heavy, waterproof coated pack cloth and snugged tightly shut with their simple tie closures, these liner bags will keep the gear in your packs dry even with two inches of water sloshing around in the bottom of your canoe! Suitable for lining both soft packs and pack baskets. Ordering a liner the next size larger than the dimensions of your pack or basket will let you accommodate an oversized load.



Expedition Pack:

Options: inside pocket

Dimensions: 16"h x 7"d x 12"w

Capacity (including side pockets) 1800 cubic inches

Pictured right in Olive Green Canvas.

If you're heading out for a long wilderness canoe trip, this is the ideal pack for you. This classic, rugged pack with leather trim is handsome to look at and will stand up to year after year of hard use. Standard features include a zippered front pocket, large side pockets for easy access to small items, and an internal frame of closed-cell foam.

Standard pack: $160
Deluxe pack: Canvas/leather straps, roller buckles: $250 (pictured at right and below)
 *The flat inside pocket in video below is an option:  +$15


Expedition pack front view

Expedition pack back view

Day Pack:

Options: Side pockets, inside flat pocket.

Dimensions: 16"h x 7"d x12"w

Standard Day Pack: $130

Deluxe Day Pack with leather/canvas and leather straps  $220

Pictured at right: Day Pack, Green canvas with fastex buckles and padded shoulder straps.

A perfect pack for everyday use, for travel and commuting, and of course, for those day hikes in the woods and mountains. Standard features include a padded back, large zippered front pocket and padded shoulder straps.

Minnesota Special: Shown here in green canvas with leather options and extra side pockets.

Options: Side pockets, Tumpline, axe pocket

Dimensions: 24"h x 9"d x18"w

Capacity: 3800 cubic inches (exclusive of side pockets)

Standard pack: $180
Deluxe pack: Canvas/leather straps, roller buckles & leather straps: $270

A popular choice for those looking for a canvas canoe pack. This pack is designed with the canoeist in mind and has become a favorite with wilderness paddlers. There's no better choice of canoe pack for your trip in Minnesota's Boundary Waters. Standard features include a large carrying capacity, extra-wide, heavy duty straps, and a large front pocket.


A standard Minnesota Pack on a canoe trip with the grandkids in Barron Canyon, Canada.
There is nothing like an Alder Stream Pack for a good seat on a fun canoe trip.
North Woods Pack:

Options: Side pockets, tumpline, axe pocket, inside zippered flat pocket.

Dimensions: 26"h x 9"d x 17"w

Capacity: 4200 cubic inches (exclusive of side pockets)

Standard pack:  with fastex buckles/padded straps/nylon webbing: $190
Deluxe pack: Canvas/leather straps, roller buckles & leather straps: $275

This large capacity pack has side cinch straps that let you adjust the pack to fit your load. Other standard features include an extended top flap to keep the weather out and extra-wide padded shoulder straps.

Allagash Pack

Dimensions: 18"h x 8"d x 14"w

Capacity: 2100 cubic inches (including side pockets)

Standard pack:  with fastex buckles/padded straps/nylon webbing: $170
Deluxe pack: Canvas/leather straps, roller buckles & leather straps: $255 (shown left)

Made of canvas, the Allagash Pack is popular for canoeists, hikers and for everyday outings. The simple lines of this tall, narrow pack, combined with its wide shoulder straps, makes it a very comfortable pack to carry. Standard features include side pockets long front flap.


Allagash Pack: customer from Oregon who just got his new Allagash pack and is using it exercising his dogs with his new dog scooter. Pretty neat.



Narrow Gauge

Dimensions: 18"h x 7"d x 11"w

The Narrow Gauge pack is a modified Allagash pack with side pockets, and several inside pockets for notebooks, pens, passport or any other items you need to keep handy.

Standard pack:  with quick release buckles: $170
Deluxe pack: Canvas/leather straps, roller buckles & leather straps: $260 (shown left)



I first made this custom pack for world traveler Abraham Schechter. You can follow his blog at


Sandy River & Rangeley Line - Maine's historic Narrow Gauge Rail Road. This picture is of #4 - one of Monson Railroads original engines, it worked on a quarry railroad in Monson Maine.

Royal Traveler

Dimensions: 15"h x 5"d x 10"w

Capacity: 750 cubic inches

Standard pack:  with fastex buckles / cotton webbing: $100
Deluxe pack: Cotton webbing straps and leather strap closure on pack flap: $125

Specially designed for a customer taking a trip to London, this is the perfect pack for the international traveler. Stick your water bottle, bagel or newspaper in the open pockets around the bottom of the pack. Because the brown, cotton-webbing shoulder straps on this pack are adjustable to fit any wearer, it makes a great kid's pack for school use and family hikes. Fits under seat in most planes.
Elijah Pack:  

A small compact pack made for an active 4 year old named Elijah!  Inside zippered pocket. Quick release front buckle. Adjustable shoulder straps.

Price: $100

With cotton webbing straps & leather strap closure on pack: $125

Additional packs that are made by Alder Stream Canvas that you may have seen at shows and fairs or on line
Woodsman Pack Deluxe:

A large capacity pack for carrying large loads with front pockets and handy side cinch pockets. 

Deluxe: $440

Walk-about Pack:

A small compact pack for those wanting a pack but a slimmer pack with an inside zippered pocket, an outside zippered pocket, and two flat side pockets.

Dimensions: 16" height, 12" width, 7" depth

Standard Model: $165

Deluxe: $260

Tim, my neighbor at the Grand Lake Stream Folk Arts Fair wrote a lovely poem about the Walk-about pack:

"It doesn't matter if I'm in the woods
 or preparing to go out.
I never leave without my Alder Stream

Tim and Susan Caverly, Allagash Tails